Waste Hauling

Utilities that deal in wastewater treatment generally monitor and control discharges of both routine and non-routine wastes in their collection systems. This monitoring and control is managed through a permitting process.

ACQUAA’s Hauled Waste Permit Module

ACQUAA’s Hauled Waste Permit module is designed to accurately monitor and control routine and non-routine wastes disposal. Using ACQUAA allows your utility to manage the hauled waste process and facilitate a fee charging mechanism for the disposal of waste- then: you’re really regulatory compliant.

ACQUAA Allows Your Hauled Waste Permitting to be expedited

ACQUAA’s Hauled Waste Permit module provides your utility with a public facing tool to expedite your permitting, and charging, using an app that allows both your utility and the permittee continuous connection through each iteration of disposing of hauled waste.

ACQUAA gives your utility the means to coordinate with the Hauled Waste providers and ensures that your regulatory information is easily captured and report on. Let ACQUAA provide you with actionable information on who is disposing of hauled waste in your collection system and how often.

How Do You Protect your Wastewater Treatment With ACQUAA?

With ACQUAA, you have the capability to know who and where hauled waste is being disposed of in your collection system. This knowledge is needed on a daily basis to ensure that your Wastewater treatment operations can counter any hazards from these releases or increased flows that can impact the processing of water throughout your plant’s operations which is vital in the clean water process.


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