Fire Hydrant Permit

Businesses wishing to use water from a city fire hydrant require a Non-Premises Permit from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). This permit grants access to hydrant water for a specific period of time and requires payment in advance on a 'per day of use' basis.

ACQUAA’s Fire Hydrant Permit Module

ACQUAA’s Fire Hydrant Permit module is designed to accurately track and limit the use of fire hydrants for activities other than fire protection unless permitted. Using ACQUAA allows your utility to manage fire hydrants for non-fire use to ensure that you both manage the need for water at a given location and facilitate a fee charging mechanism for the use of water– then: you’re really operational attuned.

ACQUAA Allows Your Fire Hydrant Permitting to be streamlined

ACQUAA’s Fire Hydrant Permit module provides your utility with a public facing tool to streamline your permitting, charging and, if needed, renewing processes, using an app that allows both your utility and the permittee flawless engagement.

ACQUAA gives your utility the means to manage the use of fire hydrants for non-fire related situations and ensures that the use is fee based and not charged as non-revenue water. Let ACQUAA provide you with actionable information on how your fire hydrant assets are being used, outside their intended use, in your public water system.


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