Fats, Rags, Oils & Grease (FROG)

FROG stands for fats, rags, oils, and greases. Sewer overflows and backups, odor, and many other issues to the environment are a few of the reasons why FROG is a problem.

Most wastewater collection system blockages can be traced back to FROG as the cause. Blockages in the wastewater collection system are serious, causing sewage spills, manhole overflows, and sewage backups in homes and businesses.

Large amounts of FROG in the wastewater causes decreased pipe capacity in the collection system, resulting in increased maintenance costs and premature pipe replacement.

FROG also can cause treatment issues at the wastewater treatment plant. In a liquid form, it does not appear harmful. As the liquid cools and the grease congeals, it creates thick grease mats on tanks, piping, and equipment, which causes treatment problems and higher maintenance costs. In addition to fats, oils, and grease, rags and flushable wipes also cause blockages in pipes and equipment.


ACQUAA’s FROG module helps you, and your utility prevent sewer overflows, backups, and odors so that your community is shielded from any unwanted sewer issues. Using ACQUAA allows you to maintain a proactive and sustainable FROG program that is integrated with your asset management system – then: you’re really resilient.

ACQUAA Makes Operating Your FROG Program Easy

ACQUAA’s FROG module provides your utility with a robust and intuitive tool that allows your utility to monitor and regulate commercial food service providers and other companies that engage in services and products that produce fats, oils, and grease in the course of doing business.

ACQUAA gives your utility an automated tool that helps you immediately see what is happening in your FROG program. Let ACQUAA provide you with an action plan on the state of your community’s grease collection devices.

How Do You Protect Your Mission Critical Assets With ACQUAA?

With ACQUAA, protection of your wastewater pipes is easy, and community based. By managing your community’s grease collection devices and inspecting them annually, you can protect your wastewater pipes from unwanted hazards and ensure the useful life of these critical assets.


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