Backflow Prevention

Backflow prevention protects against non-potable (non-drinkable) water or other substances from reversing directions when cross connections of pipes occur in your home or commercial spaces. The reason why backflow prevention is important is to protect our community’s public water systems.

Your utility is administering your backflow prevention program in conjunction with federal, state, and local codes. This program manages and monitors installations and inspections where backflows may be at risk.

ACQUAA’s Backflow Prevention Module

ACQUAA’s Backflow Prevention module is designed to keep you, your utility, and your system’s water quality protected from contaminants when incorrect pipe cross connections occur. Using ACQUAA allows you to establish a real-time curated backflow prevention business process integrated with your asset management system – then: you’re really safe.

ACQUAA Makes Operating Your Backflow Prevention Program Simple

ACQUAA’s Backflow Prevention module provides your utility with the best management tool on the market, using intuitive screens that allows both your utility and qualified plumbing professionals seamless interaction.

ACQUAA gives your utility a tool that is able to give you up to date information on the state of your backflow prevention program. Let ACQUAA provide you with an action plan on the state of cross connections in your public water system.

How Do You Protect Your Water Quality With ACQUAA?

With ACQUAA, it’s not difficult to protect your water system from contaminants. By keeping your community’s backflow equipment working efficiently and inspected annually, you can feel safe from water quality hazards, 24/7/365.


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